Monday, June 13, 2011

Proud, Absent and Busy!

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything.  The summer has gotten busy with projects I've been asked to do and I haven't been able to make individual cards lately.  My biggest news is my son's graduation from high school on June 4.  Here is a picture of him and his girlfriend after graduation.  He looks so happy!  I am so proud of my "baby"!  He is now amongst the ranks of those seeking full-time employment, though he is still holding down his part-time job he had since his junior year in high school.
Tyler and Averi after graduation
So here's a brief list of projects I'm working on that are keeping me out of trouble.  Well, sorta.   :)

Bridal headpiece for co-worker.  Wedding in October, 2012.
Crystal wedding bouquet for co-worker.
Save-the-dates for my daughter's wedding.  Wedding in March, 2012.
Wedding invitation for my daughter.
Wedding decorations for my daughter.
Bridal veil and headpiece for my daughter.
Wedding invitation samples for my daughter's college roomie. Wedding September 2012.

Think I can squeeze a few cards in here and there?  : ) 


Barb said...

Hey, girl! Your schedule is looking like mine! We are 46 days and and counting! OMG! Now it all starts to come together. My list of things to do is getting longer as the time gets shorter -- ack! But, ain't it great?! Hugs to y'all!

"Kirby" (KrB) said...

Congrats on Tyler's graduation! He does indeed look happy in that picture. Guess you've got just a wee bit of stuff on your plate, eh? Having worked hard on my daughter's wedding I can say it was a lot of fun and we have fond memories of it. Having enough time really helps. If you need any ideas just holler although I know you've got a lot of talent to pour into this without needing anything from me. Keep us posted and congrats to all of you!