Friday, October 31, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Yesterday and today I was busy with finishing up my niece's Halloween costume, among other things. Today my boyfriend and I went to vote then to lunch. When I checked my e-mail I found a wonderful surprise...I was tagged by the incredibly talented and uber sweet Tammy Hershberger. Wow!! Fun questions, so here we go:

Things I Love:
1. My family - My two wonderful kids, my mom, brother, and sister.
2. Being creative...sewing, paper crafting, beading.
3. Sticky and Laila - my cat and dog.
4. Getting together with friends.
5. Cooking.

Things I Don't Love:
1. Grocery shopping.
2. Hot weather (and I live in south Texas where there are only two seasons - hot and hotter..go figure).
3. Rude drivers.
4. Dishonesty.
5. Housework.

Songs on my mp3 player:
1. John Denver.
2. Andrea Bocelli.
3. Nickelback
4. Lots of 80's big hair groups.
5. Alan Jackson.

Favorite Foods/Drinks:
1. Pepsi.
2. Chocolate
3. Seafood.
4. Chicken and dumplings with cornbread (can you say comfort food - grin).
5. Pretty much anything with pasta.

Tag 5 others: This is the hardest part...there are so many wonderful crafters out there!
1. Michelle.
2. Chris.
3. Holly.
4. Carolyn.
5. Stacy.

Tomorrow my son is in a Veteran's Day parade with JROTC over near Randolph Air Force Base. After that I'll be back home making a set of cards and baking cookies for my part in Team Cookies and Cards to send to our soldier. Will get those sent off on Sunday.

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Carolyn Bounds said...

Wow!!! You are right...these are some fun questions:o)

Thank you for thinking of me!! I am so honored that of all the choices available to you; you chose me. You have made my morning very special:o)

BIG Hugs!